berlin: assembling

© jacksons / stig lindberg - the snurrand reversible vase candlestick [1950s]

pierre jorge gonzalez and judith haase are the namesake founders of berlin-based gonzalez haase, an architecture practice known for its minimalist design and use of simple materials. avid collectors of 20th-century design, the architects have been invited by jacksons, a stockholm-based gallery specialized in 20th-century vintage design, to select and assemble pieces from their collection for an exhibition at the gallery's german outpost - mind you, it's a space that has been designed by the french-german duo - in the kreuzberg area. aptly entitled assembling, the show opens fri - feb 27 [6pm-9pm], and features a curated and varied range of objects.

interestingly, it has been conceptualized to confront the notion of assemblage in relation to the history of modern furniture design, and which also explores the relationship between space and object from the perspective of an architect. included are robert wilson's hamlet/machine chair which was especially designed in 1987 for heiner müller's eponymous play, the sistema flu black standard lamp by rodolfo bonetto, and a reversible vase candlestick by stig lindberg. an accompanying publication, designed by frédéric teschner and featuring an essay by architect rainer hehl, will be launched on the occasion of the opening. location: galerienhaus, lindenstrasse 34-35, ground floor [kreuzberg].

© jacksons / rodolfo bonetto's sistema flu lamp [1980s] and the hamlet/machine chair by robert wilson [1987]