berlin: apple store opening

© apple - the biggest in all of europe

berlin's hotly anticipated apple store has opened on kurfürstendamm, a bustling thoroughfare that has seen a recent surge in high-profile flagship store openings. the german capital may be one of the last of the country's major cities to welcome an apple store, this one measures approximately 5,000 sqm. [53,820 sq.ft.] spread over three floors, and making it the company's biggest store in all of europe. the monumental structure was built as a cinema - one of the city's first - almost 100 years ago, and a massive reconstruction of this monumental took two years to complete. upon entering the store, shoppers encounter an expansive retail space with white marble flooring and a range of 250 apple products displayed on neatly arranged oak tables, and a 360-degree genius bar. the upper two floors are home to a stylish conference room, and as if to honour the building's original purpose, a movie and event theatre has been created. similar to other apple store launches across the planet hundreds of avid apple fans lined up hours prior to the official opening. location: kurfürstendamm 26 [charlottenburg].

© apple - ground floor retail space, conference room and movie + event theatre [top to bottom].