berlin: andreas murkudis concept store opening

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andreas murkudis has long been an innovator in berlin's retail scene, opening up stores with well-edited collections at inconspicuous locations that transcend the usual context of blatant consumerism found elsewhere. now that the city's mitte area has reached acute hipster brand saturation, the visionary murkudis has relocated to tiergarten, an area that may have seen a recent influx of new contemporary art galleries but that's otherwise totally void of high-end stores. this could very well change as the new and expansive andreas murkudis concept store is a bold retail statement that resonates well beyond berlin's city limits, and ranks it among the planet's leading concept stores. once again the location is a secluded courtyard, this time the size of a small square, behind a non-descript 1980s office block. the store is box-shaped and has a high ceiling, giving it an impressive volume one usually finds in museums.

huge glass windows allow in floods of daylight and is reflected by the all-white minimalist interior crafted by architecture practice gonzalez haase. the store offerings are pretty diverse, from high-end fashion labels [men + women] such as maison martin margiela, aspesi and balenciaga, to accessories, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics. additionally, eyewear brand mykita opened a shop-in-shop, and complementing the elaborate fashion merchandise are a selection of books and a concise furniture collection, both featured in the wing next to the entrance. a special treat for fans is a temporary installation by dries van noten [the first of its kind] that offers a dress from the belgian designer's a/w 2012 collection as a customizable trophy item, allowing you to choose from 30 fabric designs that he created over the years. location: potsdamerstrasse 77-87, haus e [tiergarten süd]. 

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