berlin: aa party

© aa - dj jackee word's disco nap

it looks like berlin is reliving the roaring and notoriously fun 1920s. the city's growing stature as one of europe's leading creative hubs and affordable living standards attract an ever-increasing number of artists, designers and professional pleasure-seekers from across the planet, and creating a nightlife renaissance of sorts. projektgalerie is a fashion forward store + showroom with offerings that are very much compatible with this jolly crowd. making the most of its creative network and extrapolating its expertise to a 3d experience, projektgalerie launched the aa parties, featuring some of its fav deejays and performers. you better collect that fancy outfit from the dry cleaner's because the next one up is tonight [9pm-5am] at august. next to resident deejays hllywd, jackee word and mz sunday luv the lineup features angel clouthier and kdny smith. dress to impress! location: auguststrasse 2 [mitte].

© aa - flaunting it