berlin: 80*81

80*81 is a retro-visionary research endeavor by journalist georg diez and artist christopher roth. collaborating with artists, astrologists, philosophers, psychologists, writers, filmmakers, and actors, they explore the central question: what happened? in 1980 ronald reagan was elected, andy warhol dined with william s. burroughs at the chelsea hotel, and john galliano was a blitz kid. and what happened in 1981, when khomeini released the u.s. hostages, and aids surfaced? those were the years that changed the world forever and all this is documented in the 11 volumes of the 80*81 book collection. on sat – mar 20 [8pm] there’ll be a related showcase with sound, video and documents at 032c magazine’s new hq. location: brunnenstrasse 9 [mitte].