beirut: wind and art don't care about border

© aïshti foundation - exhibition setting

housed in abdallah bustros palace, an ornate 19th century building situated in the middle of beirut’s leafy achrafieh district, the metropolitan art society first opened its doors in 2013. closely linked to luxury retail empire aïshti and its founder tony salamé,  the gallery signaled his vision to put the lebanese capital on the global map of modern art, and can be seen as the forefunner of an even more prestigious venue along the city’s northern coastline: the aïshti foundation building. luckily, the metropolitan art society continues to host a program of rotating exhibitions, presenting pieces from salamé’s private art collection and other art works. currently on is wind and art don’t care about border, an showcase that's co-curated with galleria continua in san gimignano.

inspired by the notion that nature’s synergic elements know no boundaries, and that art – as the magnificent fruit borne out of human genius – should be allowed to adhere to the same principle as a celebration of both life and humanity, the show aims to be a small tribute to freedom of expression and love for diversity. on display is a diverse range of pieces by leading artists from lebanon and abroad, including etel adnan, ai weiwei, pascale marthine tayou, anish kapoor and josé yaque, whose artistic vision and work are seen as emblematic of the show's theme [on through mar 13]. location: 35 rue trabaud, ground floor [achrafieh].

© aïshti foundation - exhibition settings