beirut: visual ritual

© smogallery / robert hammond - i've been cheated by you cupboard [2012]

brit artist robert hammond studied fine art at central st. martin's and wscad. hammond started out making oil paintings but gradually shifted to working with new materials such as steel, glass and enamel, utilizing their inherent aesthetics as new mediums to further develop his work while creating a unique visual lingo along the way. his works are statements, injected with a conceptual bravado, illusion, and last but not least, a dose of humour, transforming familiar objects into art. currently on at beirut's quirky smogallery is visual ritual, an exhibition that features a series of hammond's cool new designs [on through mar 5]. location: 77 rue sénégal [quarantina].

© smogallery / robert hammond - misdirection chair [2012]