beirut: the silver factory

© andy warhol foundation for  the visual arts, inc. - marilyn monroe [1967]

q contemporary is an adventurous exhibition space in downtown beirut. next to featuring an extensive private collection, it's dedicated to showcasing new developments in contemporary art and design. on tue - nov 13 [9pm] q contemporary kicks off a three-day celebration of its third anniversary by reviving the american swinging sixties through a recreation on its premises of andy warhol’s the factory studio in new york city. the focal point of the silver factory event will be one the master's most iconic works of art: the original marilyn monroe series from 1967. the work is on loan from the collection of emmanuel javogue, an internationally celebrated art collector and curator. as an owner of several art galleries in paris, javogue launched artists such as jean-michel basquiat, cindy sherman and anish kapoor, while also dealing in a series of renowned modern masters. location: beirut tower, rue zeïtoune, ground floor [central beirut].

© andy warhol foundation for the visual arts, inc. - another marilyn monroe [1967]