beirut: peeping tom digest #3

© peeping tom - cover of issue #3

peeping tom is a paris-based art publication which explores contemporary art scenes around the planet, and each edition begins with a residency of the magazine that lasts several months in a chosen city, region or country. for the latest issue - which is published as a book, accompanied by a dvd - peeping tom set up camp in beirut and met up with local artists, gallerist and other creatives to get to know the art scene. after these informal discussions a number of their comments and descriptions were gathered, and eight beirutis were invited to convene together for a filmed round table discussion. the starting point for this conversation was the drafted list of quotations.

out of the 46 original quotations, 18 were debated during this roundtable and 9 made it into the final cut. for the purpose of the book, the film protocol was transfered into a different form and has been given counter perspectives. an additional 22 people from lebanon and abroad, and from a wide range of backgrounds responded to the complete list of 46 quotations. the peeping tom digest #3 was launched in paris last month, but will have another launch at the papercup bookstore in beirut on wed - may 22 [6.30pm-8.30pm] and in attendance of the peeping tom crew. location: agopian building, rue pharaon [mar mikhael].

© peeping tom - pages from the new issue