beirut: noise

you in beirut? if so, check out the noise exhibition at galerie sfeir-semler [on until feb 6]. curated by negar azimi and babak radboy for middle eastern contemporary arts mag bidoun, the show aims to 'focus on the white noise of the white cube, wondering how much it matters which city, region, country, or peoples surround it. as it happens, it does matter, but perhaps not in ways expected. rather than curating works to illustrate problems plucked from a readymade critical lexicon, noise attempts to let these problems arise from, and give rise to, the works themselves, opening the door to the unexpected, and even to the uninvited. the exhibition’s point of departure is the space itself. its location in beirut gives it its critical acoustics, but it retains the conceited platonic generality of any clean post-industrial art space, anywhere in the world'. gallery location: tannous building, 4th floor, rue 56 [quarantaine]. © bidoun / vartan avakian