beirut: nadine mneimneh atelier opening

© nadine mneimneh - cool fashion made in beirut

nadine mneimneh is a beirut-based fashion designer. born in paris, she relocated to the lebanese capital a little over a decade ago where she initially pursued a career in retail management. it wasn't until mneimneh attended a styling course in milan that inspired her to take interest in fashion, and eventually enrolled at esmod to study the ins and outs of fashion design. now belonging to a new and promising crop of lebanese fashion designers, nadine mneimneh is making a name for herself with contemporary women's collections in a style that she defines herself as boho-minimalism. the designer recently opened an atelier/showroom in hamra, a lively neighbourhood in west beirut that's known for its nightlife and currently also on the rise as a creative hub. located in a converted cinema, the atelier's setting is industrial and modern with vintage elements blended in. the atelier's furnishings have been inventively made from recycled wood pallets, and create a welcoming, almost homey vibe. and to keep the configuration flexible, most items have been cleverly mounted on wheels. mind you, although this is an atelier/showroom space, shoppers are able to drop by and snap up any of nadine mneimneh's cool creations. location: estral building [adjacent to kababji restaurant], 9th floor, rue hamra [hamra].

© nadine mneimneh - the designer and her creations, homey atelier setting [top + bottom]