beirut: monocle mediterraneo launch

knowing where to party is one of tyler brûlé's many talents. for the official launch of monocle magazine's summer newspaper edition monocle mediterraneo, he heads for beirut to host an invite-only event at one of his fav spots [actually ours too...] on wed - aug 4. uh-uh, our lips are sealed. you'll have to hook up with an in-the-know beiruti to join the jolly crowd and enjoy the related shopping perks. the slick one-off read features 64 pages of monocle-packaged intelligent lifestyle info, and should be seen as a more useful and reader-friendly news source for its seaside-vacationing followers than pad devices. but if you're not lebanon or simply too intimidated to chat up a beiruti, a copy of monocle mediterraneo can be picked up at bookstores around the mediterranean and a few select ones elsewhere on the planet from as early as thu - jul 29.