beirut: minimal beirut

© plastik / matt crump - arabic mcdonald's [2015]

plastik is a beirut-based magazine, and we can't help but think that, this publication perfectly reflects lebanon's forward-thinking position in the arab world. very visually inclined, each edition is a feast for the eye, but for its 24th issue creative director ryan houssari has pulled out all the stops. he forged a collab with matt crump, the master of candy colour photography, to create a series inspired by the lebanese capitals's iconography and stereotypes. the results are pretty cool, and because beirut design week has arrived, an exhibition of these masterfully manipulated shots, entitled minimal beirut, has been set up with a specially designed and candy-inspired scenography at the clvii store [on through jun 3]. location: rue mkhalissiye [saifi].

© plastik / matt crump - veiled woman and dome theatre [2015]