beirut: lighting beirut architecture project

© solidere - pretty lights on rue allenby beirut's comeback as a holiday and luxury shopping destination is pretty stellar, and couldn't have been accomplished without solidere, an omnipresent company responsible for the reconstruction of the lebanese capital's downtown area. although not without controversy, solidere launched a series of prestigious building and restoration projects that have put the city firmly back on the map, most notably the massive beirut souks mall. to further develop and embellish the area, solidere launched the lighting beirut architecture, a project that aims to illuminate a large part of downtown beirut's historic architecture and landmark buildings. phase 1 kicked off with the illumination of 28 key buildings in the area, using a sophisticated lighting concept created by paris-based agency light cibles. interestingly, advanced technology retraces with light the existing façade features of selected buildings. this results in a depiction that accurately matches the façade, with high definition design patterns. fixtures are placed on rooftops, facing lit buildings and avoid having to attach anything to the historic façades. location: central beirut.
© solidere - putting beirut's historic architecture deservedly in the spotlight