beirut: light at the end of the tunnel

© nada sehnaoui - the lumière au bout du tunnel sculpture [detail]

nada sehnaoui is beirut-based visual artist and painter, known for various interventions at public spaces across town. on wed - sep 12 [6pm-9pm] the artist will reveal lumière au bout du tunnel, an abstract and monumental outdoor installation inspired by the political, social and cultural state of lebanon and the surrounding region. the installation consists of 360 wooden sticks in a bright red hue, stacked in various parallel positions. these symbolize both the individual and collective desire of a society which seeks itself, and of problems that constantly emerge, while the openings create light throughout the entire structure, adding another visual dimension. in short, the work symbolizes the trappings of a vicious circle and the search of a way out, but is perhaps more literally a first political act to signal the demand for a better reality. location: place zaytouneh, behind the starco building [downtown].

© nada sehnaoui - another detail of the sculpture