beirut: ginette concept store opening

© joe kesrouani [2010] - ginette's grand entrance: the outdoor terrace and bistro sections just when we thought beirut had reached the pinnacle of middle eastern hipness, it spawns yet another new place to marvel at. behold ginette, a stylish new concept store that'll tickle the senses of the most jaded shopaholic. located in gemmayzeh, a popular downtown area that's known for its many bars and rowdy nocturnal debaucheries, it's a haven of restrained sophistication. the shop interior is designed by raëd abillama architects and is a fitting backdrop. ginette boasts three distinct sections: upon entering the store there's an outdoor terrace and bistro, serving healthy salads, sandwiches and a selection of desserts. beyond this area the store beckons with a concise but tightly-curated selection of apparel, accessories, grooming products and other items for the discerning beiruti male. upstairs on the mezzanine floor is an art space which, most interestingly, collaborates with tokyo's edgy nanzuka underground gallery, and already features contemporary japanese art. next to artwork the sleek modular furniture of usm is showcased here. location: rue gemmayzeh [gemmayzeh].
© joe kesrouani [2010] - ginette's magnificent retail environment aims to entice the savviest of shoppers