beirut: geek express concept store opening

© geek express - opening night buzz

in an effort to create a technology hub in beirut that would in turn attract foreign investment and retain lebanon's talented young workforce, the lebanese government launched beirut digital district in september of last year. the project encompasses 3,200 sqm. [34,445 sq.ft.] of office space in a high-rise building downtown with an advanced infrastructure, and which would facilitate and boost digital start-ups, closing deals, sharing ideas, develop projects and eventually expand businesses. given the lebanese penchant for business and trade, it's hardly surprising that retail has jumped on the bandwagon too in the form of geek express. this newly opened concept store is located on the hub's ground floor, featuring an edgy d.i.y. retail environment that aims to engage and interact with beirut's avid digital community and shoppers alike. the store features an abundance of merchandise that consists of most in demand devices and gadgets, such as makerbot 3d printers, sparkfun electronics and arduino's ingenious boards. the geek express concept store also features a gallery where advanced technology, books and gadgets are showcased and a workshop room where differently themed sessions are held, from robotics to hack-a-thons, assembling electronic games and what not. and to maximize interaction a 3d printing area is available where people can buy, select and print 3d and limited edition objects. location: building 1082, rue nassif al yazigi [bachoura].

© geek express - a cool store opens at beirut's new geek central