beirut: beirut design week

you may know that beirut has bounced from a shaky period in its recent history, but the city is steadily surging ahead and this event is indicative of a revived and ambitious creative scene and talent pool that aims to make its mark on the region, if not the entire planet. we're talking the much anticipated launch edition of beirut design week, held on jun 25-30 at various venues across town. organized by mena design research center, it aims to promote lebanese designers from various disciplines. this year's edition has a threefold theme: design and community, design and education and design and business, in addition to desmeem, the event's main exhibition. on display is the outcome of research-led projects by european and lebanese designers who in the past few months have engaged in rethinking design through a cross-cultural collab. the projects great social and environmental significance for lebanon and include a variety of areas, including urban space, migrant workers integration and gender/lgbt rights. obviously, there's lots more to discover. there are lectures, workshops, presentations and screenings around town, click [here] for the full program and [here] to view the event map. main exhibition location: ministry of tourism, 550 rue de la banque centrale [hamra].