beijing: triple-major store opening

© triple-major

in a previous post we talked about idealistic creative collective triple-major and their traveling showcase of cool designer tees having arrived in tokyo. well, they've once again packed their bags, stepped up their game and have now launched a concept store in beijing. accommodated in a traditional hutong, the new venture is set up to support avant-garde designers from across the planet, introduce them to a fast-growing fanbase in china, and take a stance against commercial fashion. adapting to its historic space, the triple-major concept store is creatively disguised as a traditional chinese clinic and features many objects and knick-knacks usually found in those clinics. the second floor and rooftop of the cutesy abode is reserved as exhibition space. the triple-major store carries a series of edgy brands, including patrik ervell, rozalb de mura and pelican avenue. location: 81 baochao hutong [houhai].