beijing: paul smith flagship store opening

© paul smith - a british style injection for beijing

beijing's sanlitun village is an ever-growing nucleus of high-profile luxury brands and has quickly developed into one of china's leading shopping districts for those who live large and dress accordingly. the very latest to arrive on the premises is paul smith with a prestigious flagship store. the store measures a spacious 359 sqm. [3,864 sq.ft.] spread over two floors of a modern low-rise structure, and similar to the brand's other outlets it features a customized interior that eclectically combines modern design elements with carefully sourced antiques and art works by designer paul smith himself. the ground floor features a mix of men's and women's offerings.

the main room is lined in travertine, and is dedicated to men's and women's shoes and accessories. these are showcased around a massive 1960s desk by italian designer osvaldo borsani. shelving units crafted from matching walnut, brass and leather complement the mid-century décor. two other rooms each present the paul smith mainline collections for men and women, and the sophistication of the interior moves up a few notches with elegant iron and brass tables, chandeliers and chairs by french designer raphaël. in the men's room the focal point very much is a painting of a snake - after all this is the chinese year of the snake! - in the style of 18th-century german-born zoologist and illustrator albertus seba.

the walls of the staircase that leads up to the first floor is covered with various artworks, including photographs and paintings by designer paul smith himself. the retail space upstairs is divided into three rooms. while the first has panelled walls and19th-century french furniture, and presents the paul smith london collection, the second and third rooms display the men’s ps paul smith and paul smith jeans collections, in addition to the women’s paul smith black label and paul by paul smith collections. the setting here is more modern with a mix of mid-century english and italian furniture. location: sanlitun village, 11 sanlitun lu, shop n3-16 [sanlitun].

© paul smith - the flagship's ground floor and first floor interiors [top to bottom]