beijing: monocle store opening

© monocle - the new monocle shop at royal smushi house after launching in tokyo and hong kong, monocle magazine opens a third asian store in bustling beijing. located inside the royal smushi house, a newly opened danish design + food haven smack in the middle of the hipster area of sanlitun, the shop features measures a compact 15 sqm. and its interior reflects the magazine's black and white colour palette. it will launch several new products, including the hill-side x monocle ties and pocket squares, the tembea book tote, the barena travel jacket, the hackett polo shirt, the brooklyn leather wristband and the perfect train station poster. the shop additionally carries the magazine's range of ongoing collab products. location: 12 dongzhimenwai da jie [sanlitun].
© monocle - understated style for beijing's fast-growing league of savvy consumers