beijing: mixed blood

© cyjo - huang rierson family, beijing [2013]

an american photographer of korean descent, you could say cyjo [1974] has the innate ability to analyze different cultural nuances and sometimes contradicting perspectives with her body of work. and she continues to explore how culture, life experience, tradition and modernity shape both the individual and collective identity, and how society influences the alteration of tradition and culture. between 2010 and 2013 cyjo photographed 19 families with children of mixed races, ethnicities, and cultures in both beijing and new york city. the series have been on display last year in the chinese capital, but have now returned for a second showcase at the three shadows photography art centre. entitled mixed blood, the series feature compelling portraits of mixed-race families, reflecting a global social trend that more and more people choose who to love, where to live, how to raise their kids, and last but not least, how to define their identity [on through apr 3]. location: 155a caochangdi [dashanzi 798].

© cyjo - doyle family, new york city [2010] and james family, new york city [2010]