beijing: luxury and beaches

© martin parr - the beijing motor show [2008]

photographer and editor martin parr is an acclaimed member of the renowned magnum collective, and we love the meticulous and often amusing way he documents the human habitat. parr currently has a solo exhibition at beijing's pékin fine arts gallery [1]. dubbed luxury and beaches, it features works from multiple projects, in particular the series life’s a beach and luxury. the images explore - and dare we also say mock? - mass tourism, leisure, consumption and communication, themes that regularly return in his work [on through dec 3]. mind you, parr will also give a lecture at the bookworm on tue - nov 6 [7.30pm] about his photography and his current project a history of chinese photo books, a collab with beijing-based dutch photographer ruben lundgren that will follow photography from its arrival in china in the mid-19th century through to the present day. location [1]: 241 cao chang di village, cui ge zhuang [chaoyang]. location [2]: building 4, nan sanlitun lu [sanlitun].

© martin parr - qinhuangdao, beidaihe, china [2010]