beijing: lanvin flagship store opening

© lanvin - boudoir chic arrives in beijing with the opening of a massive beijing flagship, the brand's largest in asia, lanvin is all set to conquer the booming people's republic. the store is located in sanlitun, the city's hottest new shopping grounds where it occupies a whopping 556 sqm. retail space spread over three floors. in check with lanvin's brand pholosophy, the boutique’s interior emanates the intimacy and comfort of a boudoir in one’s private home, while elements of a private club have subtly been blended in. as in other stores both rough and refined materials have been juxtaposed for maximum visual effect, and here in the chinese capital antique chandeliers are paired with reinvented versailles parquet floors and 1930s archive photos. the boutique has two doors on opposite sides of the store, each with two large glass windows. along the the length of the store, a red lacquered wall separates the women’s collection from the accessories. strewn across the store are small pedestal tables, oval chests of cabinets, gleaming steel shelves, garment racks inspired by kimono forms. the stairwell, leading upstairs, is homage to lanvin historic flagship store in paris. the second floor, featuring a striking grey lacquered wall, is home to the men's collection, and at the rear a section is reserved for made-to-measure services. the top floor salon, wrapped in royal red lacquer, is the exclusive domain for private sales and fittings for the happy few. location: sanlitun north village, sanlitun lu, tower n2 [sanlitun].
© lanvin - the stylish men's department and all-red top floor salon [top to bottom]