beijing: a.p.c. store opening

© a.p.c. - the very first 'atelier production création' for china bonjour la chine! the growing prominence of the people's republic as a savvy fashion market has inspired a.p.c. to set up shop in beijing's sanlitun village, an expansive mall that's already home to some of the city's leading hipster boutiques. as all of its other outlets, the shop is designed by french architect laurent deroo and is another stunning exercise of minimalist retail aesthetics. a striking detail is that the brand's full name - atelier production création - is featured prominently on the glass façade just beneath the well-known three-letter abbreviation. it's something we haven't seen anywhere else before, have you? the new a.p.c. store carries the brand's entire men's and women's collections. location: 11 sanlitun lu, shop nlg-123 [sanlitun].
© a.p.c. - monsieur deroo has done another great job