basel: viu store opening

viu is a swiss brand with an innovative approach to eyewear on more than one level. first of all there's the design, obviously swiss and with an emphasis on high quality, it comes in an alluring variety of classic styles with a distinct contemporary edge. all frames, handmade from acetate and in an elaborate procedure that requires 80 manual steps - are manufactures by a traditional, family-owned company in northern italy. by cutting out the middleman and all related costs, viu is able to provide its eyewear designs directly to customers with a very attractive price tag. viu initially served its clientele online, but quickly added a brick and mortar presence in zurich. and now, less than a year later, a second boutique has opened its doors in basel.

the store bears witness to the brand's pioneering spirit as it's situated in an area of town that's better known for nocturnal debauchery than for shopping. but viu co-founders fabrice aeberhard and christian kaegi - mind you, they're also the masterminds behind the shop interior - could clearly see the potential of the place and went for it. situated in an early 20th-century structure and a coffee shop as its previous tenant, the space looked totally outdated and drab. the interior was stripped, but as the intention was to reinstate some of its former glory, the oak parquet flooring has been retained. the walls and ceiling have been given a thorough make-over, dipped in a soft green and white, and viu's signature eyeframe wall is prominently superimposed. the minimalism of the shelving system corresponds well with the steel chandelier which dangles from the ceiling. location: feldbergstrasse 70 [matthäus].

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