barcelona: #genxbeat

© generator - the lobby of generator barcelona

generator is a happening design hostel brand with a fast-growing network of properties in exciting destinations across europe. all generator hostels boast comfy private and shared rooms, but what makes a stay even more special is that a great effort has gone into the design concept of each property, making them no less than appealing social hubs that tap directly into the local culture of each city. perfectly in line with this connectivity to urban culture, generator has teamed up with beat, an opinionated and artsy music + culture magazine, to curate a series of creative talks at three of its hostels across the old continent, and the final edition of this so-called #genxbeat series will be held in barcelona. these talks are very informal, yet informative meet-ups where the magazine's multi-tasking founder hanna hanra will be chatting with leading figures from the music industry, and in this case nts radio front men femi adeyemi and sean mcauliffe.

these meet-ups aim to give the audience an insight into the music industry and inspire a new generation of creatives. the talks will cover everything, from the empowerment of women in music, to dj’ing across the planet, or starting your own online radio station. and that's not all, folks! the talks end with a matching party until the wee little hours, featuring exclusive dj sets by the talk participants, in addition to budding local dj talent. mind you, all the events are free and include entrance to the talk, a welcome drink upon arrival and access to the after party. you fancy? then register here for access. the final #genxbeat talk will be held on thu - may 21 [talk: 8.30pm / party: 9.30pm] at generator barcelona. and yes, the two nts radio boys will hit the decks during the party. don't miss! location: carrer de còrsega 373-377 [eixample].