bangkok: the moonshine hunter

© toot yung art center / montri toemsombat - adventure: begin [2014] - acrylic on thai textile

montri toemsombat [1975] is an emerging thai artist who has dipped his toe in sculpture, installation art, photography, improvised art and video. graduated from the faculty of arts of bangkok's prestigious chulalongkorn university, toemsombat has exhibited both in thailand and abroad, and is known to use unconventional materials and topics that are often related to thai roots culture. toemsombat has now taken to painting as a form of self-expression and the result of his efforts can be seen at his exhibition at toot yung art center in the thai capital. entitled the moonshine hunter, the show presents a new body of work, created during his two-month stay at the thaillywood artist residence in pattaya, that uncover an entirely new approach to his earlier projects. the canvases are vibrantly coloured folk fabrics from his hometown of kanchanaburi, using a variety of intricately tweaked paints. a meditation of sorts on the way in which cultural and social diversity can lead us to mutual respect and balance, while it also questions and seeks a balance and explores the contradiction between rural life and rampant consumerism, the folk and the urban, local and global. the paintings are presented as an immersive installation, combining both photography and painting [on through aug 10]. location: 12/6 ekkamai soi 2 [sukhumvit].

© toot yung art center / montri toemsombat - planet: disordered [2014] - acrylic on thai textile