bangkok: sex

opening fri - dec 16 [7pm] at bangkok's toot yung gallery is sex, an exhibition of visual art curated by brian curtin and ohm phanphiroj. the show claims a sensational topic in order to confront and play with its implications and ramifications. the show embraces complexity and diversity with the aim of raising urgent local questions about relationships between art practice, the politics and pleasures of visual culture, and the terms of interpretation and subjectivity. participating artists are imathai suwatthanasilp, stephen chalmers, tawan wattuyamichael shaowasanaiohm phanphirojthunska pansittivorakul and tada hengsapkul. location: thanon prachathipatai 19 [phra nakon].

© toot yung gallery / thunska pansittivorakul - the altar [2010]