bangkok: gold = wtf

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originally from switzerland, moritz ebinger [1961] is a multidisciplinary artist based in the netherlands who has gained a reputation for connecting anything with everything. opening on tue – jan 17 [7pm] at wtf gallery in bangkok is an exhibition called wtf = gold which is the result of the ebinger's longtime fascination with gold that started when he discovered an abandoned gold mine in his homeland as a child. traveling from zurich to surinam and thailand to study the history, function, transformation and socio-cultural aspect of gold in conflict, ritual and belief, the artist has documented and photographed subjects including the apartment of a banker, lush jungles, and buddhist temples, and he also interviewed a gold merchant and refiner, as well as mercury smugglers, heavily armed bodyguards and owners of the largest gold mine in the world. he comes at the meaning of gold from many different angles, using personal perspective and experiments with audiences to create a dialogue about the true value of gold in societies where he exhibits his works. location: 7 sukhumvit soi 51 [sukhumvit].

© moritz ebiinger