bangkok: flamingo

kachain wongleamthong is one of thailand's leading editorial and commercial photographers. he has photographed for various well-known magazines and taken on a range of high-profile commercial assignments. but after twelve years of having to follow his clients' specifications, wongleamthong breaks free from the mold and go into a reverse artistic direction. opening wed - aug 1 at wtf gallery is flamingo, a photo exhibition that showcases his strong affinity for anti-commercialism and dislike of the often market-driven art world. on display are a series of images, all shot using the polaroid process which envelopes images with a mysterious veil, that capture the often overlooked beauty and poetry of the the banal in everyday life. interestingly, the works are in fact the out-takes of wongleamthong’s commercial assignments, showing the very same setting, but documented in the way he personally prefers. location: 7 sukhumvit soi 51 [klong toey].

© kachain wongleamthong