bangkok: blur

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jorge carlos smith is a jack of all trades with a cosmopolitan background. born in mozambique with ancestral roots in macau, he was raised in the u.k. and portugal. next to being a hotelier, smith is also an avid collector of 1970s jazz + funk vinyl, a cook, an occasional dj, a designer, a closet artist and founding partner of both the wtf and phuket 346 hospitality venues. currently on at wtf gallery is blur, a multimedia installation by smith that presents a mix of painting, drawing, neon woks, sound and scent boxes that offer an interaction with the viewer in a most personal collection of ideas, thoughts and memories. the show aims to create a relationship with the viewer, bridging both reality and imagination, triggering ideas, thoughts and emotions [on through jul 18]. location: 7 sukhumvit soi 51 [sukhumvit].

© wtf gallery