australia: aesop x myer window installations

© michael warnock / aesop - aesop's window installation in melbourne aesop is all over these days! the australian cosmetics brand has pulled of a series of eye-catching 'coups d'étalage' on home turf at myer flagship stores in sydney [1], melbourne [2] and brisbane [3]. the brand's connection with the arts is once again evident: the window installations in sydney and brisbane feature images from robert arnold’s film the morphology of desire [1998], an exploration of romantic love in popular culture, and the window installation in melbourne will host a selection of unique pieces of twentieth century design on loan from geoffrey hatty. all three installations will be on display through jun 7. location [1]: 436 george street [town hall]. location [2]: 314-336 bourke street [cbd]. location [3]: 91 queen street [city].
© michael warnock / aesop - we'd definitely put that on our face