austin: tom sachs - boombox retrospective 1999-2015

© tom sachs studio + gagosian galery / tom sachs - phonkey [2011]

contemporary artist tom sachs [1966] dropped out of london's architectural association school of architecture and eventually established a design studio in new york. sachs got his first big break with a lighting display for department store barneys which featured a mix of corporate logos, fashion items and icons from contemporary culture. this installation not only demonstrated his interest in consumerism, but also cemented his reputation as an art world provocateur. the work of sachs is not easy to categorize as he's known to use a very wide spectrum of materials, from plywood, foamcore and batteries, to duct tape, rudimentary wires, hot glue and lots of found objects, crafting artworks that reference art and science, functionality and mythology to this very day. 

currently on at austin contemporary in austin is tom sachs - boombox retrospective 1999-2015, an exhibition which presents an immersive and interactive collection of sculptures, objects, and audio elements riffing on the boombox — an icon of 1980s street culture snd a nod to sachs’ love of the genre. the museum's venue at the jones center [1] displays a series of working ceramic boomboxes of varying sizes and scales, featuring curated playlists from pop icons and friends of the artist, while at laguna gloria [2], iconic sachs imagery appears in the form of large-scale, outdoor bronze works, including a riff on cartoon character miffy, and a work that references modernists’ great towering monuments but renders it duchamp-style, in the form of an interpretive stupa. location [1]: jones center, 700 congress avenue [downtown]. location [2]: laguna gloria, 3809 west 38th street [tarrytown].

© tom sachs studio / tom sachs - guru's yardstyle [1999]