athens: juergen teller - macho

© juergen teller - masculine, no. 6, london [2013]

what's not to love about juergen teller's work? the photographer has always had a different and peculiar approach to his craft, resulting in informal and often humorous pictures in which total plainness is juxtaposed with beauty, averageness with extraordinariness, and many other comparisons that make up the human condition. teller's style is instantly recognizable, often imitated, but never really equalled. teller is perhaps the first photographer to present his work in very different contexts without ever compromising his signature style, whether he's shooting for ad campaigns, fashion editorials, billboards, magazines or for exhibitions in art venues around the planet. opening fri - jun 20 [7.30pm-10.30pm] at the deste foundation for contemporary art in athens is juergen teller - macho, the photographer's very first ever exhibition in greece. the show's title obviously has a self-deprecating connotation, and is teller's way to jokingly comment on the narcissistic male. the photographs on display include a number of his famous self-portraits, the result of a role-playing experiment where model and photographer swap places, in addition to shots of himself in different moments from his private life. location: odos filellinon 11 [nea ionia].

© juergen teller - self portrait, daisy perfume, ronda [2010] and louis xv, no. 9, self portrait with charlotte rampling [2004]