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  • beirut: artifacts by 200 grs.

    beirut: artifacts by 200 grs.

    at carwan gallery's latest showase, design studio 200 grs. transforms wine bottles into abstract sculptures.

    15 december 2016 by andreas
  • beirut: elektra lux

    beirut: elektra lux

    carwan gallery's latest showcase is centered around the evocative power of light.

    26 october 2016 by andreas
  • beirut: saleh barakat gallery opening

    beirut: saleh barakat gallery opening

    a stellar new gallery has popped up in the heart of town, adding up to beirut's stature as the region's leading contemporary arts hub.

    17 august 2016 by andreas
  • beirut: the pond house

    beirut: the pond house

    designer taher asad-bakhtiari presents a series of hybrid tapestries at carwan gallery's new harbour-side outpost.

    1 june 2016 by andreas
  • beirut: sursock museum reopening

    beirut: sursock museum reopening

    after years of renovations, a major cultural venue reopens in the leafy achrafieh neighbourhood.

    3 december 2015 by andreas
  • beirut: aïshti foundation opening

    beirut: aïshti foundation opening

    retailer tony salamé's new aïshti foundation venue is a major vote of confidence for the city of beirut.

    5 november 2015 by andreas
  • beirut: 0.91 cubic meter

    beirut: 0.91 cubic meter

    carwan gallery inaugurates its new gallery space with sleek limited edition furniture pieces by lebanese design studio 200grs.

    13 december 2014 by andreas
  • beirut: épicery restaurant opening

    beirut: épicery restaurant opening

    a new restaurant draws in-the-know beirutis to its doorstep with signature cocktails and comfort food, all served in a cool setting.

    18 january 2014 by andreas
  • beirut: carwan gallery opening

    beirut: carwan gallery opening

    previously a nomadic venture, carwan gallery has now taken up residence in the heart of beirut, and continues to adventurously foster a relationship between designers and craftsmen through commissions and interesting design shows.

    5 december 2013 by andreas
  • beirut: maripolarama

    beirut: maripolarama

    station beirut is a new venue in the lebanese capital that's dedicated to cultural events of the cool kind. currently there's a show of photographs by new york-based artist and 1980s party scene fixture maripol. don't miss when in town!

    10 october 2013 by andreas