antwerp: weberhodelfeder s/s 2013 collection

© weberhodelfeder - a banana-coloured brogue is the height of summer

when shopping for designer shoes all roads lead to antwerp, to the coccodrillo store to be exact. a longtime purveyor of luxury brands to a savvy crowd, the store knows a thing or two about high-end shoes. it doesn't come as a surprise that coccodrillo's men's store has been selected as the exclusive launching pad of weberhodelfeder, a newly established antwerp-based label. founded by matthias weber, niklaus hodel and florian feder, this mischievous german-swiss trio studied and met at the renowned fashion department of the city's royal academy of fine arts. joining their creative forces and work experience as weberhodelfeder, the brand steers clear from the ordinary and playfully reinterprets traditional men’s styles in an avant-garde colour palette, while blending in sportswear design details. brogues in a banana shade and wingtip boots with velcro straps, it's a funky makeover that'll surely appeal to males that aren't shy of making a style statement. weberhodelfeder's s/s 2013 collection is exclusively available at coccodrillo's men's store. location: schuttershofstraat 8 [centrum].

© weberhodelfeder - wingtip boots with velcro straps