antwerp: its belgium

© its - intricate bag design by belgian finalist niels peraer

its is a platform for young creatives in four categories: fashion, accessories, jewellery and photography. it aims to promote and support their budding talent through financial opportunities, work placements and an annual contest that'll have their work assessed by a jury of industry experts. partnered with a diverse range of influential companies such as diesel, swarovski elements and avery dennison, participating in the annual its contest provides the right exposure. currently on at ra - one of antwerp's leading stores and traditionally stocking the collection of its contest winners  - is  its belgium, a showcase of work by a select group of former belgian finalists of the its contest. on display are pieces from the its archive, juxtaposed with works from designers and specially commissioned installations. selected designers include  [on through jun 17]. location: kloosterstraat 13 [centrum].

© its - collage by its special prize winner elise getliffe