amsterdam: wolf & pack

the wolf & pack store and gallery is an initiative by new york transplants julian lynn and gabriel hunter. the two became friends in the early 90s, working at the shelter's legendary club night n.a.s.a. and streetwear emporium liquid sky. wolf & pack's primary aim is to work with u.s. brands that have little exposure in europe, exclusively offering amsterdam the products from this rich industry. it stocks brands such as lola, award tour, create build destroy, peg leg and no mas, as well as its very own house brand and an assortment of nike and new era. the gallery shows rotate every two months, collaborating with and exhibiting artists such as the london police, wayne horse, morcky, ticquestar and abner preis. wolf & pack represents power in numbers, friendship, aligning itself with like-minded brands and artists, spreading new visions and ideas, promoting what whatever they see coming next and always up for bullshit and letting loose. pressure makes diamonds...go loud! location: spuistraat 232 [centrum]. © wolf & pack