amsterdam: twin peaks screening

to celebrate the closure of faceless - an exhibition which explores the ongoing trend in art, fashion and media to hide, alter or mask the face - the people at mediamatic throw a fun party on sat - apr 12 [8pm-12am]. and they do so in matching dystopian style with the screening of twin peaks. the epic television series created by david lynch and mark frost first aired in the u.s. in 1990, and not only became one of the top-rated shows of the year but gained a huge cult following abroad as well. it will provide the perfect backdrop for the finale, highlighting the fragmentation of character through cinema. there'll be an array of food and drinks, in addition to beats by dj nicks a.k.a. butterfly. mind you, he'll be mixing eclectic electro with a multitude of samples from the renowned twin peaks series. location: mediamatic, v.o.c. kade 10 [centrum].

photo: the black lodge from the twin peaks series