amsterdam: toko mc opening

© afarai five years after the launch of toko94 in rotterdam, the unique food concept arrives in the dutch capital. dubbed tokomc and an integral part of the mc theater, the new restaurant offers a wide range of dishes inspired by the eclectic cuisines of jamaica, surinam, trinidad + tobago, brazil, cuba and asia, plus matching killer cocktails, in an equally colourful contemporary setting. the restaurant occupies an area of 250 sqm. and its interior was designed by amsterdam-based design practice afarai. as to maximize the tropical vibe, the space features a floor made from coconut wood, the light fixtures resemble traditional streetmarket lanterns and surfaces have been plastered with specially designed colourful prints. tokomc aims to be more than a culinary retreat as it'll be staging concerts, lectures and other showcases after the kitchen has closed. location: polonceaukade 5 [staatsliedenbuurt].

© afarai