amsterdam: the student hotel opening

© the student hotel / photography: kasia gatkowska

the rise of the student hotel, a design-led hospitality concept geared specifically towards a new generation of movers and shakers, is more or less indicative of the changing face of academia on the old continent and beyond. we've talked about one of the hotel chain's earlier properties in the dutch capital in a previous post, but now two years on, things have taken a favourable turn, and it's one that comes with an accelerated expansion to stay abreast with a steep and ongoing influx of foreign students. operating six properties, including two recent yet non-branded additions in paris and barcelona, the student hotel's biggest statement to date has just softly opened on home turf.

favourably situated along a major thoroughfare and subway line, allowing easy access to the canal district and all affiliated institutes, the student hotel amsterdam city is an innovative urban redevelopment project that straddles two multi-storey office buildings from the 1970s. the structures are connected by a newly built, light-filled corridor that's home to an elongated reception desk dipped in a bright yellow hue. no less than 573 cleverly conceptualized rooms and suites – mind you, these pads come with spacious, fully equipped shared kitchens on each floor – are available to both long-stay students and regular tourist types.

but what greatly contributes to a more-than-average stay are a number of appealing, fun-infused facilities and perks that amsterdam-based creative agency ...,staat has masterfully whipped up. situated on the lofty ground floor, a series of inviting modern settings, each colour-infused and furnished with a mix of newly upholstered vintage pieces, modern design elements and curated props, invite guest and visitors to relax, mingle or, when opting for the glass-encased silence room, to study hard. contrary to previous properties, these areas have literally been opened up, allowing neighbourhood locals and other visitors to spontaneously drop by.

this boosted interaction is intentional, and quite interestingly, happening on different levels. obviously, the student hotel's newest home lends itself for stimulating gatherings, but – and here's where the dynamic education market rears its head – it'll also provide a number of modern on-site class rooms to affiliated institutes. and that's not all. other facilities and services include a full-fledged gym room, a meal plan, and if you stay more than two weeks, a stay at the student hotel comes with a fancy van moof design bike. and that's not all. currently being developed on the premises is a restaurant with outdoor terrace and even a club, run by a collective of in-the-know party animals, where to let your hair down until the wee little hours. location: wibautstraat 129 [amsterdam oost].

© the student hotel / photography: kasia gatkowska