amsterdam: the future of the photography museum

a decade ago amsterdam's photography museum foam first opened its doors to the public. to celebrate the anniversary it launched what's next, an elaborate project that has investigated the future of photography in the digital age. the exhibition the future of the photography museum, opening on sat - nov 5, is the conclusion of this anniversary year. it's an experimental exploration of how photography can be showcased and how an audience can participate and be engaged. four guest curators, from diverse fields in media and culture have been invited to present their views on this topic: dazed & confused editor-in-chief jefferson hack, new museum curator lauren cornell, kesselskramer co-founder erik kessels and alison nordström, director of photography at rochester's george eastman house. location: keizersgracht 609 [centrum]. © foam / photography: gijs van den berg - erik kessels' presentation at foam [2011]