amsterdam: terrain

© andenken / evan hecox - community flag [2015] 

based in denver, artist evan hecox [1970] is known for capturing the essence of urban environments in drawings and paintings that are striking in their graphic simplicity. for his newest body of work, presented at an exhibition which is aptly entitled terrain and opening today [6pm-9pm] at andenken gallery in amsterdam, he extrapolates his vision to new territory, playing around with purely abstract work loosely based on flags, finding creative ways to capture the relationship between realism and abstraction and seeing how the two interact. presented are a series of paintings depicting geometric elements and also a number of pieces in which he intriguingly combines these with traditional desert landscapes. these images are made up from photo reference as well as the artist's own imagination [on through oct 18]. location: pazzanistraat 17 [staatsliedenbuurt].

© andenken / evan hecox - range rider, cross flag and desert dome [2015]