amsterdam: surface

© søren solkær – dabs myla, los angeles [2013]

hailing from copenhagen, fine art lensman søren solkær [1969] with a penchant for portraiture, specifically shots of big names in the music industry. after dedicating two decades to this genre, the talented dane set out on a three-year portrait project about individuals who create art in the public space. aptly entitled surface, it includes global photography trail that led solkær to cities as far flung as athens, berlin, copenhagen, stavanger, paris, london, los angeles, las vegas, melbourne, miami, new york and sydney. the results of this elaborate project is to be put on display at vroom & varossieau, a gallery in amsterdam with a keen focus on urban and contemporary art. very much a portrait anthology, the show opens fri – sep 9, and presents photographs of some of the most significant street artists of the current art scene, as well as the pioneering icons across the globe, all captured on film with their own art work, often using masks or props to obscure the identity of the artists. location: willemsparkweg 134 [amsterdam zuid].

© søren solkær – the london police, miami [2013]