amsterdam: sunculture store opening

© sunculture - the home of hipster shades

after minor commercial stints in the trade of shades, young entrepreneurs ad oner and mark reiff set out to establish sunculture. the new brick and mortar venture caters to a niche demographic of fashionable shoppers who'd rather opt for a quirky style than wear a ubiquitous brand. the duo found a space in amsterdam's emerging de pijp area that seamlessly blends with their retail format. a former garage with an original 1930s sliding door, the compact elongated space needed little adjustment. upon entering the store shoppers pass a custom-made metal and glass hothouse-inspired structure, presenting various sunglasses. the showcase continues on one side of the store where four wooden ladders have been repurposed as displays, featuring even more models. opposite a vintage roller conveyor displays various zeiss lenses and at the very end a small bar has been installed. sunculture has sourced a a cool range of brands - many have previously been unavailable in town - and includes han kjøbenhavn, w/sün, black eyewear, and spektre. location: quellijnstraat 80 [de pijp].

© sunculture - inside the new store