amsterdam: sprmrkt sth store opening

after having launched spr+, an in-house higher end fashion section, and the spr specials outlet branch, the sprmrkt downtown mothership spawns a full-fledged sister store in the upmarket amsterdam zuid area. dubbed sprmrkt sth [supermarket south], the store measures 260 sqm. and carries a similar edgy range of apparel and accessories but in a totally different retail environment. designed by doepel strijkers architects, the interior design is inspired by human skin and boasts walls and objects enveloped by a skin-like stretch fabric with cut-outs for storage space and changing rooms, off-set by a pitch-black floor, ceiling, desk and suspended metal clothes racks. a menswear department is to open shortly in the basement section. location: willemsparkweg 168 [zuid]. © sprmrkt