amsterdam: sla restaurant opening

© sla / photography:  teska overbeeke - a california-style salad bar

the dutch are known not to be into food as much as other europeans have been for ages, but this past decade has seen the aloofness make way for something that comes close to a culinary passion. extensive travel abroad, internet access and last but not least an entrepreneurial spirit, have all contributed to a new wave of establishments that predominantly cater to savvy city dwellers. amsterdam's newly opened sla restaurant - mind you, sla is dutch for lettuce - is exemplary of this trend. located in de pijp, an area of town that's home to a young upward-moving demographic and an increasing number of shops and eateries that cater to their lifestyle needs, sla totally fits in with its meticulously crafted hospitality formula that not only feeds its clientele but also teaches them how to eat healthily. the restaurant interior has a clean contemporary look that has been created by local practice nicemakers.

blending vintage furnishings and custom-made pieces, most notably the indoor 'hothouse' structure with a neon sign atop, the d.i.y. chic atmosphere will surely appeal to the target demographic. mind you, the eye for detail here goes well beyond the interior, and has its staff clad in stylish amatør apparel and toms footwear. as a salad bar, sla's menu obviously lists an abundance of vegetables. these, and all other products, are predominantly organic - fruits + vegetables 90% and meat + fish 100% - and most are locally sourced. the wide variety of vegetables at the salad bar allows you to create your own salad with various toppings and side dishes of choice. additionally, there's a rotating selection of tasty salads and soups available. as for drinks, you'll be able to choose organic juices, tea, coffee and even organic wine. the sla lab program entails regularly held lectures and workshops on inspiring recipes that'll benefit any superfuture household. location: ceintuurbaan 149 [de pijp].

© sla / photography: teska overbeeke [interior] + maja molière [food] - inside the restaurant