amsterdam: since never

© craig redman - d'angelo [2013] - acrylic on wood

illustrator craig redman, of craig & carl fame, is heading for the garage, a private gallery in the heart of amsterdam's canal district. redman's new exhibition is called since never, and opens there on fri - nov 1 [6pm-9pm]. the show is an exploration of new acquaintances and old friends through portraiture, and features a new range of redman's paintings. examining unknowns rather than famous faces, the works are of people who have recently passed through the artist's life, both in his hometown of new york city but also elsewhere. the works can be seen as a specific way of documenting this period in his life. the heavy, looser black lines of the portraits are mixed with sharp geometric patterns and brisk colours to highlight and emphasise various elements of the subject's face. as always, redman pares each face down to its most essential parts, juxtaposing big expanses of flat colour and blown-up geometric patterns to playfully anchor his signature style [on through nov 16]. this is a private show, and can only be accessed if you register [here].

© craig redman - thomas [2013] and tim & ebony [2013] - acrylic on wood