amsterdam: puma store renewal

© puma - puma's renewed store in downtown amsterdam

the puma store in downtown amsterdam has been given a thorough makeover. occupying 290 sqm. spread over three floors, the shop has been remodeled according to sustainable guidelines, and uses the brand's new format to boost its presentation and improve the shopping experience of anyone entering the premises. men's and women's collections have now received more clearly designated areas, and puma's various footwear collections, including its coveted designer collab lines with alexander mcqueen, have been given a more prominent and eye-catching showcase within the store concept. the overall interior design has been injected with a dose of fun, featuring playful props and gadgets such as life-size puma cat sculptures that greet shoppers the entrance and a so-called puma unsmart phone that rings when approached. and making it a truly modern store, ipads have been installed that'll allow shoppers to purchase products from puma's european online store which not only offers a wider range of items but also complete size runs and alternative colors of items stocked in the store. location: singel 429-435 [centrum].

© puma - inside the new store